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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Great Naadi Lovers Series - Manoj Bhai Shinde

दैनिक सामना टाईम्स सूरत, के मालिक तथा संपादक श्री मनोजभाई शिंदे

दैनिक सामना के संस्करण में अंग्रेजी पुस्तक नाड़ी ग्रंथ भविष्य का स्व. मेधा दिवेकर द्वारा किया गया गुजराती अनुवाद हर हप्ते प्रकाशित होता है। मनोज भाई की एक और विशेषता है कि उन्होंने अबतक नाड़ी महर्षीयों से  प्रश्न कांडम के  द्वारा अबतक हजारों उत्तर अपने हातों से संग्रहित किए हैं! 

Great Naadi Lovers Series - Uday Mehta - A Blessed soul by Naadi Maharishis.

Uday Mehta and 
Pritee Mehta are Blessed by Naadi Maharishis.  
 At every step of their venture. Highly educated and honoured posts at prestigious organisations like World bank and United Nations commitments in USA. On return to motherland, he settled in Pune. He got introduced to Naadi Predictions. His readings revealed many explanations for which he was searching for many years.

As a tribute to the Naadi Predictions, under his leadership first website Naadi Guru on was inaugurated by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar in 2008. His all Programs and educational Products are branded under name "Maharishis."
He wishes to dedicate his energies for the lotus feet of Naadi Maharishis. His firm conviction that the human beings are governed by his own Karma as well as Karmas of kith and kin, along with surroundings circumstances. One have to undergo cycle of rebirths to mitigate effects of past Karmas. Palm leaf readings reveal how to  get free from this vicious cycle. 
He has made sample photos of his Brahma Sookshma Naadi palmleaf to indicate how the names are found written on Naadi palmleaf. This work was conducted by researcher pen named as  "Haiyo Haiyaiyo". A documentary on the same has been eye opener for many Indological manuscripts experts from all over the world. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Mumbai Naadi Lovers Meet By Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda

Mumbai Meet Of Naadi Lovers By Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda

 It is great Honour to present the happenings on the eve of Meet of Naadi Lovers on the initiative of Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda. Strange ways of Naadi Maharishi!How the event of  a private family anniversary bash turned into the delight of Naadi Lovers! 

1.To honour the Chief Naadi Center Astrologers and the translators.
2. To discuss the feasibility of implimanting of Concept of Modern Gurukalam. 
3. To understand the research work being conducted in  the field of Modern Sciences. 
Venue: Officers' Mess recreation Hall, opp Sena cinema, R. C. Church, Culaba, Mumbai.
Time :18th Feb 2017.
Session I for limited audience: 
From 10 AM to 1 PM
a) Review the previous works conducted, visits made and activities connected with Naadi palmleaf literature.
b) To discuss the modalities to preserve the Data bank program with renowned universities and institutions such as Nalanda university headed by Dr Vijay Bhatkar. The Maharishi University of Spirituality and others.
c) Approach the funding agencies or Personalities to implement the Syllabus for the students of Gurukulams.

Session II for all visitors from 3 to 6 PM 

1.Welcome speech by Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda.
2. Presentation by Maharishi Spiritual University on the impact of Naadi reading on variety of matters.
3. Deliberations with Naadi reading fraternity how to implement the concept of Modern Gurukulams.
High tea and snacks
4. Honouring of Naadi astrologers and translators.
5. Sunset viewing at the end of Session with Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda.
No Entry Fees. No Donations.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Great Naadi Lovers Series - Nileshbhai Trivedi

Great Naadi Lovers Series  - 

Nileshbhai Trivedi

Friends, I take great pleasure to introduce Four pillars of Naadi Palm leaf Grantha Astrological Predictions.

One common factor is that they all are Gujarati speaking tycoons in their own fields. For last many years They have dedicated their might for the progress and spreading of Naadi Predictions in their on ways!
Let me briefly introduce each one of them.
Shri NILESH TRIVEDI resides in Vadodara (Baroda). He is basically a Swami Narayan Devotee. He came in contact with Naadi Predictions by chance. To test his astrological knowledge he took interest in knowing the practical part of Naadi readings. Soon he met Kaushikan Swamy whom he later on used to take with him to various factory sites. 
He felt that he could serve Naadi Maharishis by  translating Tamil to Gujarati. He has more than 3000 translations to his credit.

 He conducted *Second Naadi Conference at Vadodra in 2009. Specialty was that Gujrati Book on Naadi Predictions was released along with 3rd Edition of English book. Thanks to him that Gujarati translation by lady(Now late) Mrs Medha Divekar was released by him. New edition is due as all copies are sold out. 
It is pleasure to know many interesting incidents of Naadi readings! The audience is enthralled by his elocution skills, when he narrates his own shocking experiences! Many have changed the outlook towards life due to his timely guidance through Naadi palm leaves. He is otherwise very busy industrialist having more than five Ash factories and fleet of Specialised trucks. 

*Minutes of Conference and News Report on Successful conduct of honouring of Naadi Maharahies in Naadi Palm Leaf Conference In Vadodara, Gujarat.


A conference on Naadi Palm Leaf Astrology was conducted on 04th Oct 2009, Sunday,  in Vadodara, Gujarat state  India.  At K. K. Mehta Auditorium in Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad University, from 1900hrs to 2200hrs.

The Beginning

Shri. Nileshbhai Trivedi Chief Organiser of the conference welcomed the Naadi Centre owners and staff from Vadodara.  He  lit the lamps along with Mrs. Gayatri Trivedi, Wg Cdr Oak, and both Chief Naadi astrologers and  Chanting of Ganesh Vandana  was conducted by Miss .
The First Edition of book titled “નાડી ગ્રંથ ભવિષ્ય – (Naadi Granth Bhavishya)” was released by Shri Rajesh Ayre  Counselor of Vadodara Municipal Corporation and present on the stage. The enlarged and revised Third Edition of English Book Naadi Predictions by Diamond Publications New Delhi
Chief Naadi Astrologer Thiru N.R. Rajan and Thiru Kaushikan were honoured with Special trophy of Boat along with Gaurav Patra Letter Of Honour Shawl and Shreephal . Rest Staff like Naadi readers, translators and Table Managers and helpers  were honoured with a special trophy, a Uparna (Scarf), Flower and Gaurav Patra ( Letter of Honour).

Books Fare
Books worth thousands of rupees on Naadi predictions by Wing Commander Oak in Gujarathi, Marathi, Hindi and English and other authors were sold. List of books for sale is attached as Appendix ‘B’

Auditorium Activity
Nilesh Bhai Trivedi, Managing Director of Pyramid Marketing Pvt Ltd and Chief Organiser of Function  covered general features of Naadi reading and out line of Chapters etc. Due to paucity of time no demonstration of some sample leaves in public was conducted. In previous times, some random leaves were read and names and other details were read out aloud to indicate how the persons from different countries and religions were no exception to Naadi Maharshees. In one such loud reading a leaf was found accidentally. A girl, who happened to be present just out of curiosity, said ‘Yes’ to all that was called out loudly. Later she was summoned to the stage and got her leaf reading in front of many present.

Tea and snacks
It is observed that the topic of Naadi Experiences generally not disclosed unless some sort of intimacy is developed. Therefore, full one hour was planned to provide tea and snacks while the participants freely exchange their experiences informally. The experiment was successful to a good extent. It was successful in first Conference held in Pune .However, in this conference due to paucity of time, Tea and snacks were not arranged.

Unique Experiences
The personalities having strange and unique instances spoke with authority. Participants were Dr. Dilip Nahar and Wing Commander Shashikant Oak from Pune, Raj bhai, Dr Chaturbhuj Choudhari ,Dy. Collector from Vadodara;
Raj Bhai narrated his experience of recovering from very unpleasant situation of his business and factories in the recession times. He was under tremendous tension of Court cases and great stress of financial burden. He performed the Deekhsha- Parihar on suggestion of Nileshbhai.   Wing Commander Shashikant Oak narrated instances of the persons holding very high posts in Armed forces how they were guided by the Maharishis in time if need.  Many of them were strangely saved from dare situation. Nilesh bhai narrated very interesting  instance of one of his staff members. He said Naadi reading occurs only when it is due. Not before or after.  Shri Prafull his staff member from Jamnagar was keen to get his predicrions from Naadi palm leaves. But somehow it got postponed . Once nileshbhai decided to get his leaf once in for all/. He asked Prafull to be on phone line while the search was on. After long time his leaf was found. Every thing was perfect except one narration. Naadi Maharishi said that his mother is in hospital at this time. Shri. Prafull did not agree. He was confident of his mother’s normal health since that morning. So he refused to believe. Meanwhile, urgent call came. Some one was scolding him and asking him for his whereabouts for long period of time. ‘We are trying to reach to you as your mother has been admitted for urgent medical help’ the caller said in desperate voice.  Nileshbhai said, ’reading was to happen only when his mother was to get admitted’, not even a day earlier of later. Dr. Dilip Nahar in very dramatic style told how he could find out his previous birth place and person mentioned in Naadi of Chinchwad Centre.With help of his Wife and Daughter he searched of relatives from his previous birth was thrilling story, He narrated how he happened to be present on the exact day of Pitru Sharddha. (A day of remembrance of deceased ancestry) Well documented records held by the family members too confirmed the existence of one person Called Lakshman Shastry. He lived in  very remote areas of river Kaveri delta in Karnataka. However he ultimately Magician enthralled with his trick to produce a note out of nothing but he said his trick is nothing in front of divining of exact details by great Maharshees of ancient past.
The session was to cut short to allow Wing Commander Oak to speak about he suggestions he had put forth for implementation by the Naadi Centres. The points were read out in Marathi. The same with English version were asked to put up in Naadi Centres along with Trophy presented to them at prominent Place. The list of suggestions is attached as Appendix ‘C’.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Pujya Ramani Guruji PRT 2 FOR Shashikant Oak connected portion

Ramani Guruji Giving Naadi Reading at Pune on 1 Feb 2016

Pujya Ramani Guruji had come to Pune to take some rest from his busy schedule at Tambaram Ashram. He generally resides At Shri Jayaraman ji's residence. His Wife Vimala and her sister Sarala are Guruji's very old devotees from their childhood.
Here is the part pertaining to Shashikant the reading on 1st Feb 2016. Jayaramanji hinted to Oak that Guruji was particularly asking me to confirm has he called "Commandera" which he used to Call him since his acquaintance at Air Force station in Tambaram.
The significance of that was revealed when the reading on that evening went for 15 minutes only for Oak. It is rare in general happening.
Know more about here.

In last portion Guruji talks about  connotation as 'viyal' relating to Guru or Jupiter,  Some thing is bothering you? Yes it is! may my near friends and well wishers may be aware about my anxiety of the concept of Modern Gurukul. How to cultivate the ancient system for training young Naadi readers...  I had not mentioned this to Ramani Guruji about it. Mention of Viyal could be about it!
Could some of the Tamil expert members could throw light on this?

Android App on Significance Navagraha Temples as suggested by Naadi Maharishis.

What exactly do the Navagraha do? Why are they worshiped?  Click here
In Indian philosophy, the theory of Rebirth and theory of Karma plays cardinal role. As explained elsewhere in the website, the person is responsible for his present plight due to the previous good or bad deeds. Through 13th Kandam (Chapter) of Naadi Predictions, the seeker is told to perform the services or Pujas /Archanas of the concerned Navagraha to overcome the bad or malefic effect thereof. Performance of Pujas and simultaneously providing food to the hungry and water to the thirsty, lighting of lamps are some of the means by which one gets rid of papas or bad deeds and boost the punyas or good and benevolent acts.
One of the main reasons why the Naadi Predictions are referred to is, to intuit the seeker to the performance of Shanti and Parihar rituals at the earliest and in the prescribed manner. One should visit as per the directions gained in the Naadi Palm leaf under the guidance of the Naadi readers. This app will give enough guidance for the needy.