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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Great Naadi Lovers Series - Uday Mehta - A Blessed soul by Naadi Maharishis.

Uday Mehta and 
Pritee Mehta are Blessed by Naadi Maharishis.  
 At every step of their venture. Highly educated and honoured posts at prestigious organisations like World bank and United Nations commitments in USA. On return to motherland, he settled in Pune. He got introduced to Naadi Predictions. His readings revealed many explanations for which he was searching for many years.

As a tribute to the Naadi Predictions, under his leadership first website Naadi Guru on was inaugurated by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar in 2008. His all Programs and educational Products are branded under name "Maharishis."
He wishes to dedicate his energies for the lotus feet of Naadi Maharishis. His firm conviction that the human beings are governed by his own Karma as well as Karmas of kith and kin, along with surroundings circumstances. One have to undergo cycle of rebirths to mitigate effects of past Karmas. Palm leaf readings reveal how to  get free from this vicious cycle. 
He has made sample photos of his Brahma Sookshma Naadi palmleaf to indicate how the names are found written on Naadi palmleaf. This work was conducted by researcher pen named as  "Haiyo Haiyaiyo". A documentary on the same has been eye opener for many Indological manuscripts experts from all over the world.