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Monday, 13 February 2017

Mumbai Naadi Lovers Meet By Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda

Mumbai Meet Of Naadi Lovers By Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda

 It is great Honour to present the happenings on the eve of Meet of Naadi Lovers on the initiative of Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda. Strange ways of Naadi Maharishi!How the event of  a private family anniversary bash turned into the delight of Naadi Lovers! 

1.To honour the Chief Naadi Center Astrologers and the translators.
2. To discuss the feasibility of implimanting of Concept of Modern Gurukalam. 
3. To understand the research work being conducted in  the field of Modern Sciences. 
Venue: Officers' Mess recreation Hall, opp Sena cinema, R. C. Church, Culaba, Mumbai.
Time :18th Feb 2017.
Session I for limited audience: 
From 10 AM to 1 PM
a) Review the previous works conducted, visits made and activities connected with Naadi palmleaf literature.
b) To discuss the modalities to preserve the Data bank program with renowned universities and institutions such as Nalanda university headed by Dr Vijay Bhatkar. The Maharishi University of Spirituality and others.
c) Approach the funding agencies or Personalities to implement the Syllabus for the students of Gurukulams.

Session II for all visitors from 3 to 6 PM 

1.Welcome speech by Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda.
2. Presentation by Maharishi Spiritual University on the impact of Naadi reading on variety of matters.
3. Deliberations with Naadi reading fraternity how to implement the concept of Modern Gurukulams.
High tea and snacks
4. Honouring of Naadi astrologers and translators.
5. Sunset viewing at the end of Session with Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda.
No Entry Fees. No Donations.