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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Pujya Ramani Guruji PRT 2 FOR Shashikant Oak connected portion

Ramani Guruji Giving Naadi Reading at Pune on 1 Feb 2016

Pujya Ramani Guruji had come to Pune to take some rest from his busy schedule at Tambaram Ashram. He generally resides At Shri Jayaraman ji's residence. His Wife Vimala and her sister Sarala are Guruji's very old devotees from their childhood.
Here is the part pertaining to Shashikant the reading on 1st Feb 2016. Jayaramanji hinted to Oak that Guruji was particularly asking me to confirm has he called "Commandera" which he used to Call him since his acquaintance at Air Force station in Tambaram.
The significance of that was revealed when the reading on that evening went for 15 minutes only for Oak. It is rare in general happening.
Know more about here.

In last portion Guruji talks about  connotation as 'viyal' relating to Guru or Jupiter,  Some thing is bothering you? Yes it is! may my near friends and well wishers may be aware about my anxiety of the concept of Modern Gurukul. How to cultivate the ancient system for training young Naadi readers...  I had not mentioned this to Ramani Guruji about it. Mention of Viyal could be about it!
Could some of the Tamil expert members could throw light on this?