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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Book Review

Naadi Predictions – A Mind Boggling Miracle

New book “Naadi Predictions - A mind Boggling Miracle!” by Wing Commander Shashikant Oak brings whole lot of fresh information and experiences of Naadi lovers form all parts of India and world.

This book is pioneering work put up for more than 18 years of deep study by author from his days of Air Force Uniform till his post retirement time of his deep study. His total dedication is focused on Naadi Maharishi’s yeoman service. He has also taken to task many of centers who are tarnishing the image of Maharishi’s Image and works.
He has encompassed all aspects of Naadi astrology, as a nonbeliever to begin with, dispelled all doubts creep in every body’s mind. He had not scared to take on many non believers of astrology. Yet humbly stays he is a non starter in elementary of Astrology!
The reader gets convinced with his word to word happening as predicted. Be it his meeting with Yogi Ram Surath Kumar or Ramani Guruji’s Annual function where thousands of devotees gather to get blessings of Kak Bhujander Maharishi or flabbergasting experience of Irratai Naadi of  ‘Anna’ Ulaghnathan.
Life changing instances narrated of other Naadi Seekers in racy style by author creates deep impact for those who are searching for way out for their extreme predicaments. Many have returned from ‘nothing to live for situations’ based on Naadi Maharishi’s selfless guidance.
His exploratory work on 780 years past case of Saint Dnyaneshwara’s palm leaf gives his deep involvement in the subject.
In the whole book star personality is Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda. His raising of Sarva Dharma temple, installing statue of Agasthya Maharishi, his devotion to Meenakshi Naadi’s Prof ANK Swamy and keenness to help the needy is very aptly sketched in caricature of him standing with 5 mobiles for the service of Naadi seekers. His astonishing encounter with Braham Sookshma Naadi, wherein his parents 50 marriage anniversary was found mentioned, adds to his previous astonishing experiences. That he was handed over the original palm leaf shows change of approach by Naadi center owners towards true Naadi lovers group. 

Book reading becomes light with witty displays of meaningful cartoons. Author says, rationalists and atheists use Astrology as punching bag. Media takes care of publishing their views promptly. Astrologers take help of Naadi Granthas to shut hoarse voices of challengers, like daughter in law skillfully wins her husband to control mother in law’s loud mouth.

In one chapter, five letters shot at well known non believer astrophysicist Dr. Jayant Narlikar by Princ. Galatge give reader an idea about his couldn’t careless approach, in contrast to another equally well known scientist Dr.Vijay Bhatkar. His affirmative views to come forward for scientific study of Naadi palm leaves to find how the names and other information is etched out on palm leaves are recorded on back cover of the book.

Report on 1st International conference conducted in Prague, Czech Rep is interesting. It throws light on how the western people find this astrological treasure with respect and inquisitiveness.
There will be hardly any reader who will not like to get his Naadi reading done at earliest possible chance. Such is the impact of this fascinating topic presented in equally enthralling manner. 

Interested reader can chose suitable addresses of his town-city, from 220 Naadi center addresses scatters all over India!

Author – Wing Commander Shashikant Oak (Retd)
Publisher – Diamond Books, X-30 Okhala Industrial Estate Area, Phase II,
New Delhi 110020.
Price: Rs.250/- Pages: 296.
ISBN: 81-7182-948-1