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Monday, 20 August 2012

DR Vijay Bhatkar's interview Part 2 of 3

 Dear Naadi Lovers,
Now you can learn views expressed by Dr VIJAY BHATKAR  video clips PART 2 OF THREE PARTS.

 Padmashree, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, scientist and creator of SUPER COMPUTER "PARAM" in late 90S, was introduced and greeted by participants of Work shop, He was interviewed by Shashikant Oak. He narrated first experience of Naadi reading.

In part 2 of video clip, He explains how gigantic task will be for super - super computers of 10 years hence, to compute to search name of a person. Yet, it will be mathematically impossible he states!
Part 3 of the series, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar narrates how Agasthya Maharishi's predictions were found out for his Spiritual Guru Sakhare Maharaj, who was in coma for 40 days in Rubi Hospital, Pune due to road accident.  Every one had lost hope of his survival.  Yet prompt and alert actions by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar to perform suggested Shantie -Deeksha rituals, miraculously saved  life of his Guru.  
Not only life was saved by Maharishi Agasthya's instructions, but Maharishi words,"he will survive to serve mankind", came true later, when Sakhare Maharaj wrote many books which he never thought to write earlier, said Dr. Vijay Bhatkar.