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Thursday, 26 April 2012

 Workshop 2011 on Naadi Palm leaf astrology.

English version of Text in Tamil Readig of Agasthya Jeeva Naadi from blank palm leaf Reader J. Ganesan. on 30th Mar 2012.

With the Divine Grace of God,What I tell (you) is, the Jeeva Arul Naadi reader and as well as the people who come here (seeking Naadi predictions) do sometimes get disappointed and confused to realise that the Sacred Words (Tamil word = ARUL VAKKU) that is coming out of this Jeeva Arul Naadi are not miraculous, breathtaking or spellbound.

As far as I (Agasthya) am concerned, this is not surprising (about people thinking this way). Neither We will not get angry and spell curse for their ignorance.

We (Sages,Saints,Rishis) can narrate all the incidents of one's past birth, present life and future as well with our Etherial vision (GNANA DHRISHTI, DIVINE VISION).

It is a fact that, in this world, there are people who tend to cheat a common man using the name of any SIDDHA(R'S), by means of Naadi Astrology, Astrology,Palmistry, Prasanna Jyotish etc., So It is not mandatory for any intellectual man to have faith and to accept anything that is told in the name of Sages.

But does a man behave with everyone in the same manner? Not at all. His behaviour or approach is entirely different from one another when he approaches his wife, his parents, his children, his friends, his co-workers, his subordinates or his higher officials. He is the same individual with same characteristics. But he behaves according to the situation and according to the relationship he holds.

Likewise we too behave and deal with the persons according to the Almighty's command. When an aspirant sits in front of us (to seek predictions through this Jeeva Arul Naadi),God tells us what to instruct and what not to. It is not necessary (for us) that we should tell the aspirant all the details that we have come to know (about this person) through our Divine Vision.

Moreover before we utter anything, we need to consider a)accumulation of earnings of 'PUNYA (effects of good deeds/actions) of the Naadi reader, b)the same of the seeking aspirant. c)the aspirant's devotion. d) the aspirants charitable acts. Based on these points alone, we are permitted to utter our Sacred instructions/opinions/advices.We will not spell any word to anybody just to appease him or convince him about the genuineness and authenticity of this Jeeva Arul Naadi.

However,as far as this fellow (Mr.Oak) is concerned, even though he happened to work in the Department of Aeroplane
(Note: Here, Sage Agasthya mentioned a Tamilzh word 'VULOGA PULLINA THURAI'. Please note that this word is not at all in contemporary use. Vuloga = Metal, Pull = A kind of a bird, Thurai = Department), he has come into contact with Naadi centers (related to Sage Agasthya and so many other Siddhar's).

This too because of his previous birth's connection.Of course, I (Agasthya) cannot vouch that all the predictions that he has got so far are all mine. His immense love and interest towards Naadi Predictions has made him run towards all directions in search of that. In lieu of this, this fellow got satisfied when things go as per Naadi predictions and also got disappointed when they do not go as per predictions. Subsequently he raised doubts and started his research on this failure.

This act can be considered as a normal human way of approach.

But what I (Agasthya) would like to stress him is that instead of running behind palm leaf manuscripts, if he follows what I am going to tell him, then I am going to be in the form of a light in his inner self and enlighten him.